Not only the big companies contribute to the polluting of the rivers; however, also everyday household activities add to the pollution as well. The major polluting material is the fertilizer from the agricultural fields. When it rains the fertilizers and other chemicals are washed away into the lakes or rivers. The scary part of this equation is… we use the water filled with the chemical waste for drinking bathing and other everyday activities. Therefore, there are some simple rules and ways to decrease the pollution and contribute to cleaning our rivers.  
            Correctly dispose hazardous products in your home- don’t throw away empty paint containers or bleach bottles into the garbage. Have a different garbage can for those products so you can later on take them to a special place to dispose them.
            Try to use nontoxic products as often as possible- if every person would use nontoxic products, there would be about 90% less of the toxic runoff into the rivers.
            Try to conserve water- don’t take a 2 hour long shower just because you feel like it, or turn off the water while you’re brushing your teeth. You don’t need the water effect in the background and if you do record it and play it, thus saving a lot of water.
to gather the whole community once a year, for example in September and clean the closets rivers and lakes. Do not only clean the banks of the rivers but also have boats so people can clean more in depth. Later on, you guys can have a picnic or a carnival, because saving the world should not be a burden; however, a fun and entertaining experience. Show your children and other people that we can take the consequences of our actions and try to make the world – A BETTER PLACE TO LIVE IN